Accessing Commportal Assistant

Accessing CommPortal Assistant

To learn how to install your CommPortal Assistant click here.

Once you have completed the installation, the Commportal Assistant icon will be located on your desktop toolbar. Follow the steps below to complete the setup:

1. Left click the CommPortal Symbol once, and choose the option Settings

2. The screen below will appear:

3. Input your number (DID), password (same as your voicemail password), and CommPortal URL

4. Under the Options section – Choose the appropriate options for your convenience. The majority of  CommPortal users select all options.

5. Click Apply when finished

Redirecting Numbers

CommPortal Assistant: Redirecting Numbers

Learn how to Install CommPortal Assistant here.

Learn how to Access CommPortal Assistant here.

With the Forwarding feature, you may forward an incoming call to a different number of your choice. You may forward to your co-worker or to your own cell phone. To forward a call, follow the following steps:

1. Left click the CommPortal Assistant symbol once, and choose Settings

2. In the middle of the General Tab, click on Forwarding Numbers

3. This screen will appear:

4. Type the person’s name and the number of where you would like to be able to forward calls.

5. Click OK when finished

6. Once you have completed setting your options, the below screen will appear in the bottom right hand corner of your computer screen when you receive a call:

7. From here, you can then click on which person and/or number you would like the caller to be forwarded to, or you can forward the caller to voicemail.

Outlook Contact Sync

CommPortal Assistant: Outlook Contact Sync

This feature gives you the ability to sync your CommPortal Contacts with your Outlook Contacts

1. Left click the CommPortal Assistant icon located on your toolbar and choose Outlook Contact Sync

2. The following screen will appear:

3. Click Enable Synchronization

4. Under Synchronization Options:

• For Direction, you can choose between the following:

• In Both Directions – Pulls information to and from your CommPortal and Outlook, making both
contacts lists the same.
• To Outlook Only – Pulls information only from your CommPortal to Outlook
• From Outlook Only – Pulls information only from your Outlook to CommPortal

5. You have the option of choosing what folder you would like to sync

6. Click Choose to browse

7. When finished click Apply

Periodically, if you add new contacts in your CommPortal or Outlook, you can click the Sync Now button and your contacts will be updated.

Make a Call From Your PC

Call Me Button- Make a Call From Your PC

The Call Me Button is a quick way for someone to call you. Many people add these buttons to their website or email signatures. When a Call Me Button is pressed, CommPortal asks the caller to enter the number they would like to be reached on. It then rings their phone and automatically calls you.

1. Log into your CommPortal at

2. Click on Downloads along the bottom menu bar

3. Click Call Me along the left side bar OR click the link Webpages or Emails

4. Follow the instructions.

CommPortal Assistant Download

CommPortal Assistant Download

Business users in accounts that have activated Commportal Assitant can download the App from within CommPortal.

CommPortal Assistant Overview

The Downloads section allows you to download the CommPortal Assistant toolbar to install on your Microsoft Windows PC. This gives you fast access to your CommPortal from your desktop. You will not have to log in through a web browser when using the CommPortal Assistant.

To download and install the CommPortal Assistant toolbar on your desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your CommPortal at
  2. Click Downloads, found under Support in the lower right of the window.
  3. Click onAssistant on the left side bar.
  4. Click: Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 10
  5. If prompted, select Run to start the installation.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to install CommPortal Assistant.
  7. CommPortal Assistant will now be loaded on your desktop toolbar with the  symbol.
  8. Click on this icon to automatically launch your dashboard.

Click here for how to access CommPortal Assistant