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Maximize your uptime by utilizing multiple Internet connections, while lowering operational costs and efficiently monitoring bandwidth usage for single or multi-site deployments.

A smarter connectivity solution that is designed, configured, implemented and managed by Grid4.

SD-WAN Benefits

Maximizing Internet Uptime

Maximize Internet Uptime

SD-WAN minimizes downtime due to Internet outages saving your businesses thousands of dollars per hour in lost productivity.

Increase IT Staff Productivity

Increased IT Staff Productivity

Grid4’s resilient and reliable SD-WAN solution frees up IT staff to focus on more strategic activities.

Intelligent Traffic Routing

Intelligent Traffic Routing

Grid4’s equipment uses advanced algorithms to learn about the available links and direct traffic real-time to the best link option, eliminating the need to define your traffic flows.

More On-Net Options

More On-Net Options

Grid4’s Integrated network design allows for more on-net options for SD-WAN services supported by multiple NNIs with Tier 1 providers.

Cost Effective Solution

Cost Effective

Predictable OPEX expense instead of a large CAPEX equipment investment. 

SD-WAN Features

  • Same IP Address Seamless Failover

  • LTE/5G Emergency Voice Failover

  • Dynamic load sharing across multiple active connections for better traffic flow. 

  • Ability to drain Internet traffic without the need to tunnel it back to Grid4’s core.

  • Grid4’s SD-WAN service is delivered using a single integrated device.

  • Detailed Network Monitoring

  • Use “commodity Internet service” to bring locations into a MPLS enabled network.

  • Protects your cloud-based applications including VoIP.

SD-WAN uses a centralized control function incorporating user defined application and routing policies, to provide highly secure, dynamic, application-aware network traffic management.
SD-WAN helps maximize Internet uptime through intelligent traffic routing that generates efficiencies in your network.

Hosted Firewall

Grid4 provides the ability to host your firewall in our network core, which removes bottlenecks and allows all locations to fully utilize their available bandwidth. Grid4’s network is designed from the ground up to support the prioritization of voice and video services which are critical in today’s converged networks.

Access your phone system anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Grid4’s SmartCOMM® Cloud Phone System is an ageless, feature-rich replacement to your current, on-premise phone system that will grow with your company instead of slowing you down.

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