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Don’t hope that your network is functioning well. Know that it is. SmartVIEW™ Network Monitoring Suite gives you both a real-time snapshot and a historical record of your network status. Key performance indicators verify that your network is working the way you expect.

SmartVIEW™ Benefits

Power Great Decisions

Optimize your network. Easily identify usage trends and tailor your network policies accordingly. No guessing about network planning. Your needs are clearly defined so you can invest wisely.

Mobile Friendly

A great mobile interface gives you full access to performance data – anywhere and anytime.

Increase IT Staff Productivity

High Value

A minimal monthly fee gives you access to a robust set of features without the high capital expense.

Executive Summary

Network performance is summed up in a single dashboard that doesn’t require interpretation from IT staff.


Intelligent Interface

Flexible charting, “hover-overs” and pop-ups load scores of data to one screen without distracting clutter. Intuitive and easy to use controls and navigation get you where you want to go effortlessly.

Real-Time Diagnostics

Powerful reporting allows users to dive deep. Granular-level data supports and streamlines troubleshooting, traffic forensics and network planning.

Key Performance Indicators

Network dashboard displays the crucial data network admins look for including hardware health, bandwidth utilization, network reliability and more.

Smart Alerts

Optional proactive monitoring agent pushes business rules-based Smart Alerts to email or text so you can react in real time.

Need Help Finding the Right Solution for Your Business?

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