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Grid4 Managed IT Services provide cloud, strategy, storage, infrastructure, security for all your IT needs

Managed IT Solutions

Use Grid4 Managed IT Services to solve your business IT challenges. Regardless of your IT team size (no team, small or full), Grid4 can provide tailored services that meet your needs:

  • Proactive IT Engagement
  • Increased Security & Uptime
  • Augment Your Current IT Resource
  • Free Up Your IT Team
  • Access to Advanced Skills
  • Thorough Understanding of Your Network Environment

Allowing You to Work Smarter.

Grid4’s Managed IT Solutions optimize the efficiency, productivity, and agility of your IT environment, so you can focus on growing your organization. Our highly knowledgeable team provides strategic guidance, best practices, lifecycle services, network monitoring, comprehensive support, and more to help maintain your infrastructure, reduce costs, and minimize risk.

Managed IT Benefits

Proven Experience

Trust our experts to manage infrastructure, security, helpdesk and cloud applications.

Focus On Your Core Business

Outsourcing the daily management activities of your IT environment and infrastructure means you and your internal IT team(s) can focus on core competencies and business goals.


Scale your IT environment as you grow, and combine various technologies to support varying workload and performance requirements.

From Cloud to Keyboard

Managed IT Services paired with SmartCOMM® Cloud Phone System provides maximum allows for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Managed IT Solutions

Service Desk

Trained IT professionals ready to address your technology needs

IT Strategy Planning

Technology planning to help achieve your business's goals, regardless of budget.

Microsoft® 365

Microsoft's premier productivity suite.


Secure and centralized Inventory and Asset management.

Managed Backups

Managed backup solution storing data backup both onsite and in the cloud.

Comprehensive Security Suite

Multi-layered protection in and out of the office.

Proactive IT Management

Proactively monitoring to detect and resolve problems before they affect.

Vendor Management

Single point of contact for all technology needs.

User Technology Training

Security awareness and prevention.

Our Technology Partners

Our Managed IT Experts are Here to Help Your Business

Managed IT Support