Short Codes

Short Codes

The Short Codes section shows you all of the speed dials set up for all the phones in your business group.

To access your Short Codes:

  1. Log into your CommPortal at
  2. Click the Contacts page on the top menu bar.
  3. Click the Short Codes tab in the submenu below the top menu bar:

You can dial these short codes from any phone in the business group to reach the destination.

Your administrator sets these Short Codes.

Administrator: Adding Short Codes

  1. Log into Admin Portal
  1. Select Short Codes from the left column.

  2.  Short Codes can be assigned by Department.
  3. To add a short code, click Add. Enter the short code you wish to use and the telephone number you would like associated with that code and department (optional). Click Add again.
  4. Confirm the new short code and number in the refreshed screen.