Premium Attendant – Getting Started

Auto-Attendant- Premium Attendant: Getting Started

Before you start to set up your Premium Attendant, it is a good idea to sketch out the operation of each menu on paper. This allows you to plan what options you need from the menu and how each one will operate.

For example, the main menu for a sales company may include the following options:

1. Have a schedule Attendant.
2. Provide a main menu for business hours that provides the companies default greeting and menu.
3. Have the ability to transfer to a sales menu that provides additional menu options
4. Transfer to speak with the Billing department.
5. Dial by name
6. Dial by extension
7. Transfer to an operator.

For out-of-hours and holiday operation, the Auto Attendant may provide an announcement that the store is closed (without allowing the caller to select any options), or it may provide an alternative set of menu options.

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