Modifying Phone Profiles Individually

Modifying Phone Profiles Individually

To log into and modify the phone settings at an individual level, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Admin CommPortal at
  2. Business Group Admin Portal is the homepage of Admin CommPortal.
  3. Click down to the Phones tab in the left hand column or the orange circle under “All Lines”

The following is the “Phones” homepage:

To change the name on the phone click on the current name and you will be able to edit the name in the “Description” field.  Click “Apply”.

DO NOT UNCHECK THE “ASSIGNED TO LINE” BOX.  That will disable the phone and only Grid4 can re-enable it.

To edit the soft keys click on “Actions”, then “Configure Phone”

The profile of the phone you choose will open in a new browser window and you can modify the keys.

Click the link of the phone you wish to modify below to access each phone’s individual guide.

Aastra 6731i

Aastra 6757i/6737i

Polycom 335

Polycom 450

Polycom 550, 650, 670