CommPortal with MaX UC

CommPortal with MaX UC

You may change the setting from any device registered to your phone number.

Log into your CommPortal

Available for Calls will ring all devices registered to your phone number at the same time.

You may forward your calls to another phone by clicking on “Ring Your Account Phone” dropdown arrow and choosing “Forward to Another Phone”

Enter the number to forward your calls to and click “OK”, then click “Apply.

  • You may forward to another phone or send to voicemail after a certain number of seconds.
  • If your phone is busy you may forward to another phone or send to voicemail.
  • You must enter a phone number for those calls to go to if you choose that option.  No answer and busy can have different numbers if desired.

Do Not Disturb will send all calls to the Grid4 voicemail for your number.

Advanced Settings

Forward Selected Callers Only by creating a list, then click OK, then Apply.  You will need to enter the number that will be forwarded as well as a number to forward it to.

Reject Selected callers by creating a list.  Add the number to reject, click “Add New”, click OK then Apply.  Those callers will get a recording “We’re sorry. The person you are calling is currently not accepting calls from you”.  The message will play 2 times then the call is disconnected.

Enable Distinctive Ringtone callers by creating a list.  Add the number, click “Add New”, click OK then Click Apply.Callers from that list will ring your phone with a different ringtone.

Forward If Unavailable callers by creating a list.  Enter the number, click “Add”, click OK then click “Apply”.

Anonymous callers will be rejected.  The caller will hear “We’re sorry. The party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls from private numbers.  Please hang up, reverse your number privacy and try again”. The call is disconnected.