CommPortal Dashboard Overview

CommPortal Dashboard Overview

  1. Log into CommPortal

Once you have logged in, you will see the CommPortal Home Page. This gives you a quick at-a-glance summary of your messages, missed calls, contacts and phone settings.

  • Phone Status page This page lets you configure the services on your phone line,
    such as Call Forwarding and Selective Call Rejection.

Along the top of the window are a series of tabs which you can select to take you to the
different pages within CommPortal.

    • Home This is the at-a-glance summary you see when you first log into CommPortal.
  • Messages & Calls This shows you all of your voice and fax messages, and the calls you’ve made, answered or missed.

  • Contacts You can add and view all of your contacts and their phone numbers in this tab.

  • Make a Call  Use the Commportal to make a call using your cell phone or landline.  It will look as if you are calling from your desk phone. Click on “Make a Call” and the “Dialer” box will pop up.  Enter the number you want to call using “Change”, enter the number of the device making the call and click “Dial”. The device being used to make the call will ring.  When you answer the call will dial out to the number you entered. You must use a device that can be answered.

Your Services

  • Call Settings shows that Caller ID name and number is provided for incoming calls.  If you want your call to go out without any Caller ID information you can check the box “Withhold caller ID when making calls”.  Remember to uncheck it when you want your caller ID information to display again.

Message Settings


Control the number of seconds before a call goes to voicemail.  If there is no value in the field the default is 30 seconds.

Forward your voicemail messages and personal fax (if you have one) to any email address.  It will be delivered as a .wav file for a voicemail message or a .pdf for a personal fax. You may also have it as a message on your phone by checking the box “leave original in inbox”.

Mailbox Access

You will need to enter your voicemail PIN to retrieve messages from your phone.  To skip this step, check the box “Skip PIN”. It takes the security off your phone and anyone can listen to your messages.

Voicemail Greeting

An asterisk next to the greeting tells you what has been recorded and what is currently in use.

Make sure to click “Apply” after all changes.


Message Waiting Indicator is the blinking light on your phone that lets you know if there is a message.

Email, Outdial and Override are more ways to notify you of a message in addition to the message to email and Message Waiting indicator.

Email: You can add as many email addresses as you want to receive an email that there is a message waiting.  They will need to call the voicemail box to listen to it.

Outdial: The voicemail system will call the number entered notifying them of a voicemail.  They will need to call the voicemail box to listen to it.

Override: Lets you set a schedule for voicemail notification.  They will need to call the voicemail box to listen to it.


Change Password is for the CommPortal Password

Change Call Services PIN is not in use at this time

Change Security Email is for notification that your password has been changed

Change Voicemail PIN


Click on the “Help” link to on line tutorials about all sections of the Commportal

Downloads will give you access to the Apps that you are subscribed to