Changing Soft Keys – Polycom

Changing VVX Soft Keys

To access the Phone Configuration:

  1. Log into your CommPortal at
  2. Click on Devices in the Personal Details column in the dark blue panel at the bottom of the screen.

For the VVX 300 /310 Series Phones:

Click on “Set Keys”

Click on “Edit”

There are 6 “Programmable Keys – Line” and 10 “Programmable Keys – Bottom”

Choose the key to configure, click on the arrow to open up the options, choose the option and click Save Changes.

These are the available options for “Programmable Keys – Line”

These are the available options for “Programmable Keys – Bottom”

Make sure to save your changes.  To make your changes available right away you can reboot your phone or let it update overnight.

For the VVX 400 /410 Series Phones:

There are 12 Configurable Soft Keys for “Programmable Keys – Line” and 10 configurable “Programmable Keys – Bottom”.  The choices are the same as the 300 series phone soft key options.

For the VVX 500 Series phones:

There are 12 configurable soft keys for “Programmable Keys – Line” and 10 configurable soft keys for Programmable Keys – Bottom.  The options are the same as VVX 300 series phones.

Up to 2 sidecars can be added to VVX 500 series phones.  The soft keys are programmed just like the 400 and 300 series phones.  There are 84 possible soft keys per sidecar.