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Obtain business voice and data in an easy to manage package with Grid4’s SmartCOMM® VoIP. Keep your employees productive and your customers satisfied with a perfect mix of voice, high-speed Internet and advanced applications. VoIP works seamlessly with your current phone system by leveraging Grid4’s pure IP network to provide security, reliability, efficiency, and savings.

VoIP Benefits

Save Money

Enjoy the cost savings of converging your local, long distance and broadband Internet services onto a single circuit with dynamic bandwidth allocation.​

Smarter Simplicity

Experience the efficiency of managing a single network connection, receiving one bill and engaging one point of contact for all your local, long distance and Internet services.​

Protect Your Investment

Whether you use SIP, PRI or FXS today, preserve your existing capabilities through seamless integration with your current phone system.​

Save Time

Dedicated and knowledgeable technicians, installation teams and customer support specialists ensure rapid deployment.​

VoIP Features

  • Unlimited Local Calling

  • Unlimited IntraLATA Toll Calling

  • Toll Free Numbers
  • SIP, PRI or analog delivery

  • Voicemail & Unified Messaging

  • Call Forwarding
  • High Speed Internet

  • Static IP Addresses
  • Accounting Codes

  • Free Directory Assistance Calls

SIP Trunking

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) manages all traffic between your IP enabled phone system, the Grid4 network and the Public Switched Telephone Network.

SIP Trunking Benefits

Reduce Costs

Reduce the recurring costs of separate voice and data circuits.

Boost Capacity

Gain additional network capacity without the expense of adding additional circuits.

Eliminate Media Gateways

Eliminate the cost of purchasing, supporting and maintaining a media gateway.

Increase Bandwidth

Maximize circuit capacity by eliminating protocol conversions

Access your phone system anytime, anywhere, and on any device

Grid4’s SmartCOMM™ Cloud Phone System is an ageless, feature-rich replacement to your current, on-premise phone system that will grow with your company instead of slowing you down.

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