Grid4 Service Ordering Portal

Please complete the Service Order Worksheet for your order.

It is necessary that all phone numbers/lines have been identified to successfully complete a service order worksheet.

Once the worksheet is completed, your order will be confirmed with the customer by Service Delivery and will begin the activation process. Any changes or modifications once it is entered will delay your order or may require it to be re-entered.

Please note that once a worksheet is started, it must be completed in its entirety in order to be submitted. Saving and returning to complete is not an option with this system.

Service Order Worksheets must be completed for each location/each quote number. You will be required to upload some .pdf documents as part of the process including the signed/e-signed Service Order Agreement.

Service Order Worksheets

 Hosted IP Complete


 SIP Service


 PRI Service


 FXS Service


 Internet Only