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Top 5 Benefits of Augmenting Your IT Team

IT Staff augmentation has become a more common occurrence before the pandemic, WFH (Work from Home) has escalated the immediate need for additional, experienced, technical resources. Small to large companies are leveraging the capabilities of Managed IT professionals with intensive skill sets in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Although there are many reasons to augment your IT team, or even bring on IT services to manage more network, security and application needs, here are 5 benefits that would immediately bring tangible results…

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Benefits of IT Services for Business

As today’s technology landscape grows increasingly complex, businesses are turning to Managed IT service providers to help complement their team or to help fully manage IT services.

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Operational Efficiency

Most small businesses incur high amounts of operational costs, especially during lean periods, with minuscule return on investments. Outsourcing IT tasks to managed services team members can free your staff to focus on revenue-generating tasks.

These IT professionals can also often provide guidance or recommendations to help you optimize the performance of your infrastructure. This can lead to increases in productivity and improved ROI.

Access to Skills & Knowledge

MSPs can provide the guidance and support needed to optimize your IT efforts and enable in-house IT to focus on higher level tasks. For example, maintaining your infrastructure may take a significant amount of time but doesn’t require specific expertise. MSPs can handle standard updates for you while you focus on custom integrations or configurations.

Companies benefit from augmenting their internal IT staff by leveraging the expertise and knowledge of MSPs, which provide guidance and instruction to those staff members, in turn helps increase their experience and productivity in their organization.

Boosts Productivity

Having additional IT support benefits your staff by taking care of specific critical needs or company-wide infrastructure management and maintenance. MSPs enable you to focus your efforts on revenue generating opportunities, and your IT staff on other growing infrastructure needs.

Additionally, since services are proactive, providers can help you avoid downtime and help you optimize your resources for better performance and availability.

Our experience working with Grid4’s Managed IT team exceeded expectations. They have been extremely responsive and have provided continued guidance by helping me with any questions I may have. By being an extension of my team, it allows me to focus on more critical issues that may come up. Grid4 provides the support that helps us maintain an efficient network.

Cost Effective

Managed services enable you to set contractual terms for IT tasks that include service level agreements (SLAs). This means you don’t have to spend time recruiting, hiring, or training IT staff. This enables you to pay only for the coverage or services you need and avoids the associated costs that come with maintaining full-time employees.

Greater Security Expertise

Managed service providers provide greater security expertise and coverage than you can provide in-house. This may include 24/7 monitoring, access to enterprise grade solutions, or development of threat intelligence. 

When it comes to cyber threats, MSPs can increase security if you are in the process of migrating resources to the cloud or integrating cloud services. Having an external IT expert that’s focused on security protocols often provides insight into security configurations and network controls that you may not be aware of.

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When it comes to finding a managed IT service provider to oversee your network, it pays to find a good fit. While each company needs different things, Grid4 prides itself as technical advocates for customers, providing personalized service that help’s your business grow.

Grid4 has provided telecommunications and managed IT services to Michigan customers for over 20 years. Grid4 is the only local managed IT services provider that offers the depth and reach of carrier services that gives you significant network access options all under a single company. Your network is assured to be smarter, more reliable without having multiple vendors to manage. Having one provider saves you money.

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