Grid4’s team of experts operate a network that delivers industry-leading IP and network solutions at the fastest speeds available today. We’ve built our state-of-the-art, MPLS enabled network from the ground up with the industry’s most advanced IP technology to deliver unmatched reliability, security and quality of service.

Grid4’s 100% IP network is what “big phone companies” would build if they started today. It is a single network with a single protocol and single provisioning interface for all voice and data services. Voice gets priority over data through the network and a “softswitch” provides the intelligent call control.

We install an access device at a customer’s location that connects to a high-speed Internet connection. Voice calls travel over Grid4’s network, allowing us to completely manage Quality of Service (QoS). The access device connects with our customer’s existing phone system and local area network (LAN) to provide seamless integration and a complete package of high quality voice, data and advanced networking services.


Manage your phone system anywhere, anytime and from any device.


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